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Passion that is renewed every day.

Venfri was founded in 1987 in Varmo, near Udine, by Carlo Tonizzo, who started the business by supplying restaurants and retailers in the Friuli area. In the years to come, his passion, knowledge of the industry and continuous research into new trends in the food world were passed down to his son, Luca, who is the current president of Venfri. Still today, the company offers its vast experience to retailers, helping them find success in their stores with a diversified, varied selection of products to meet each and every need. In fact, Venfri deals in more than one hundred of the best Italian food brands, along with a selection of its own brand of products called Casa Venfri, representing local excellence.




Personalized services and flexible conditions.

Venfri offers personalized service to each client, with flexible payment and restocking conditions. Thanks to a well-organized fleet of vehicles, Venfri is able to reach all stores quickly, in faster than average time. Orders can be made conveniently online or via sales personnel and are processed so that products are delivered quickly and are always fresh.

Furthermore, Venfri’s support in managing supply levels and product rotation allows retailers to restock stores based on client needs. Without backlogs, without waste and without a great outlay of cash or the need to occupy space.


Venfri is not just a distributor. It is also a specialized partner for promoting stores, thanks to its personalized display services as well as custom solutions for restocking and distributing flyers. Look at the custom services section.




Trust and collaboration. Success is always a joint effort.

Having positioned itself as an expert in the retail world, Venfri offers its more than 700 clients a well-organized, tested system able to support them in expanding and coming up with solutions conceived for the specific needs of each store. In everything it does, Venfri works without restrictions, guaranteeing the retailer has completely autonomy in developing its business.

Success as a joint effort with the client is one of the company’s main objectives—because a good relationship creates trust that lasts over time. 




Venfri is currently obtaining ISO9001-2015 certification. 

The company complies with all current health and safety standards, having obtained ministry approval as per CE 853/04 regulation no. CEITL7B8X.

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