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For more than thirty years, Venfri has been supplying retailers in the regions of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto with fresh (perishable and highly perishable) and frozen products. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of products, territory and retail market, Venfri has managed to come up with a custom restocking programme for each of its 700 clients. Timely deliveries, flexible sales and payment conditions and continuous consulting for choosing the products are all factors that have made Venfri a trusted partner for retailers of all sizes, helping them stand up to competition from large-scale retailers and promoting people-friendly sales. 

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7 May 2021

Well Alimentare Italiana

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Wide-ranging, fast and flexible distribution
Transparent, truly advantageous offers, respecting the intrinsic value of the product
Timely information and in-depth information on the latest from producers
Flexible orders with no obligation
Post-sales support
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