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Advantages for suppliers



Become a Venfri partner.

Those who would like to distribute their products through Venfri can count on a successful partnership. Each company that decides to trust in Venfri’s more than thirty years of experience will benefit from our knowledge of the local area, excellence in logistics and timely, wide-ranging distribution. Our distribution service is tried and tested, allowing for clients to reach any store in the Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto quickly. Thanks to our high standards of quality in transport, food items arrive in perfect condition.

Venfri’s suppliers can count on a well organized commercial network, allowing for optimum product reorders. For those wishing to maintain a direct relationship with clients, there’s also the option of using our reinvoicing services. Well-structured marketing services are offered to our suppliers in order to promote products and their special qualities right in the store.


Advantages for clients


Services tailored to stores.

Venfri knows that every store has its unique characteristics. This is why we work with our clients to come up with the best conditions in order to promote their business activities, offering personalized services that help to create a true competitive advantage.


Personalized flyers.

Customers need to be won over every day with good, fresh and new products. And with promotions based on the time of year and the personality of the store.

Venfri designs, creates and distributes personalized flyers door to door, featuring the name of the store and highlighting its promotions. The entire operation is managed by Venfri, which also offers custom services for distributing promotional gadgets.


In-store promotions.

To highlight current promotions or launch new products, Venfri works with its clients to organize special sales activities in the store. This is managed entirely by Venfri in collaboration with the best promotion agencies.


“Seamless” restocking and displays.

To best conserve products in the store, Venfri offers a service for free loaning display cases with refrigerators and freezers that are on the cutting edge and that fit in with the style of the store. This is a way to make sure products stay fresh from the producer all the way to the store.  

For smaller retailers, there is also an all-inclusive service with a free loaner refrigerator, offered free, and stocked by Venfri in close collaboration with the retailer. This is a risk-free formula that guarantees sure profit margins, that are defined from the beginning, allowing Venfri to manage reorders and unsold products.